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The subscriber only facebook page, and the public page on facebook as well are informational pages for the worldprotrader community. We will encourage active investors and traders to post their historical and real time trades, along with position and other information that they may wish to share on this moderated page. Auditing subsribers will be able to also post and ask questions of active investors and traderss. in web media partners & sponsors
In addition to postings by principals of and, on social media, including facebook, twitter, and other channels of media communication, including virtual worlds, the comments / postings of the subsribers are their own, and in no way linked to the overall activity of worldprotrader websites of facebook pages. Their postings stand on their own merits, and are to be taken as such, with no financial advice to be derived from them under the worldprotrader relationships.
We will be posting links to key Partners here, as well as in the Sponsor section above.
Sponsored Products and Services that we use in our Methodology,
with special discounts or benefits for our subscribers.
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