Active Subscribers
Active Subscribers are investors and traders who have a proven asset level of at least $100,000 US in the markets, verified by brokerage a scaned brokerage statement, audited by a notary public.
Active Subsribers may and are encouraged to post opportunities, strategies, trades and advice on the private facebook page. It is the understanding that all of the postings by the Active Subscriber group will not be, or constitute in any way financial advice, and are purely for entertainment, education and illustrative purposes.
Professional guidelines of courtesy and etiquette, will apply, and any Active Subscriber abusing, insulting, or in any unreasonable way challenging the postings of others is subject to having their future postings flagged, and continued abusive behavior will result in expulsion without recourse from the group.
As most Active Subsribers are members of the LegalShield program, any libelous or slanderous actions by an offending Active Subscriber may result in legal action being taken by both the offended parties and the membership as a combined lawsuit, in the appropriate venue of law.
In other words, we expect nothing less that the most professional of activity here, although personal insights, experiences and and the occasional exclamation is to be expected, in maintaining a health mental balance in the posting environment, vulgarity in most common languages not being accepted.
Auditing Subscribers
Auditing subscribers are paid subscribers who wish to monitor and " sit " in on the voice, video and virtual investing and trading sessions, as passive observers.
Auditing subscribers may post questions or messages to all other subscribers on the facebook page, but should limit these to issues not related to a particular market equity, position or trade as this may consitute request for financial advice, which this service provides not guarantees to. Those questions are best addressed to a registed financial adviser, none of who are expected to be part of the membership here.
Administrators are active subscribers on the team and may or may not be paid subsribers and may not be fully vested in the markets with a minimum of $100,000 US. They however have volunteered to contribute their time and postings to maintaining in good order, and with good conduct the and facebook pages.
These elected positions, to be reviewed annual by the adminstrator group, with additions or deletions to be at the consensus of the administrator team.