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Mission Statement: websites are designed for investors and traders engaged in managing personal and family trust portfolios, and are not licensed as financial advisors, by the SEC or any other international regulatory agency. The intent of is to level the playing field that major brokerages with global reach have over the individual retail investor, by allowing for a 7x24 global exchange of ideas, markets and opportunities between members.
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Recent News and its associated websites were launched on January 6th, 2015 by the MediaMovers team, to provide a private, secure, shared trading floor for professional stock market investors and traders. We currently are focused on US and international equities, ETFs, mutual funds and futures.
We may develop sub-nets for forex, binary and other traders who may wish to participate in their own private networks.
Utilizing the power of the Internet, with the ability to have multiple, concurrent voice and video sessions, our subscriber members will be able to interact in a real time environment, comparing trading strategies, tools, successes and losses, and making us better investors and traders in the future.
Membership is by subscription, with the initial membership through the purchase of a legal services personal policy at or by a monthly subscription of $20.oo US via PayPal or Cashier Cheque for the annual fee of $200.oo US.
Recognizing that this is a private forum for professional investors and traders, interested paid subsribers are welcome to monitor the conversations and video action.
This is not a training or educational site for those explicit purposes. There are many excellent sites of that nature that we can recommend.
This is a site for the 1% of the investing / trading community, with experience, funds and resouces to trade in the markets. We are here to network with our peers, discuss global conditions before and after market openings, and gain from mutual experiecnces.
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